Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Transport?
Auto transport is a professional specialty business of moving your personal vehicle from one location to another without adding mileage or wear and tear to your investment.

Is my car transported on an airplane?
No. Autoplane is a reservation company powered by Lets Rock Auto Transport who arranges to ship your vehicle on car carriers.

Why is the company named Autoplane if the cars aren’t transported on an airplane?
Starting in the 1970’s there was a company called “Autobus”. A bus would transport the customer while their car followed on a car carrier. Then came “Autotrain”, the customer and their car would travel by train for an average of 18 hours to their destination. In today’s fast paced world the modern mode of travel is by air. Thus following logical sequence, Autoplane has been created as the most innovative, convenient, and time saving service for those who wish to travel with their vehicle.

Is Autoplane a broker?
No. Autoplane is your personal resource for information about shipping a car in today’s auto transport industry.

What is the procedure if I decide to ship my car with your company?
Placing a reservation to ship your vehicle with us is easy. Simply call our office and we take your information for the date that works for you. We explain the transport procedure over the phone and we keep in contact as the date gets closer.

What does it cost?
We offer three different rates to ship a vehicle between New York and Florida: terminal to terminal service, door to door service, and door to terminal/terminal to door service. Rates depend upon the point of origin, the point of destination, the make and model of vehicle, and the time of year. Call for your individualized quote today!

How long does it take?
We work on a set schedule. The transport time between New York and Florida is 3 days.

Can I pack my car with personal items?
Each vehicle may be packed with up to 100 lbs. of cargo. (That equates to two mid-size suitcases and golf clubs.) The reason each car’s cargo must be limited is because there are highway weight limit requirement laws, thus, the restriction must be passed on to each and every vehicle loaded onto the carrier.

Why should I choose your company?
AutoPlane is a company that treats you like family. We care about you, your schedule, and your need of the safe and successful transport of your investment-your car.


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