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Auto Plane LLC.
Long Island Islip MacArthur Airport
150 Arrival Ave.
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Tel: 631-286-5430
Fax: 631-286-5433

New York and Long Island Auto Transport Service

Go Auto Plane is Offering 24 hour drop off/pick up service. Located just 40 steps away from Long Island MacArthur Airport’s main terminal. Go Auto Plane allows you, the customer, to be your own captain!

The question you must answer is: “Where am I better off without my car for a few days while it’s being transported on a car carrier?”

If your answer is: “I’m better off without my car for a few days at my destination”.
You may drop your car off at the time of your departure. Your car will follow to your destination.

If your answer is: “I’m better off without my car for a few days on Long Island”.
You may drop your car off in advance of your departure. Your car will be waiting at your destination when you arrive.


Go Auto Plane, LLC is Long Island’s finest insured car transporters for over 40 years! We specialize in 3-day car delivery service between New York and Florida. We provide the most reliable, convenient, & safest New York Auto transport service of your vehicle, (your investment), on your schedule. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff treats each customer like family. We treat you with understanding, respect, and care. We focus to alleviate the stress of car shipping. Go Auto Plane’s New York Auto Transport services company’s mission is to have a mutually stress-free relationship with our satisfied customers. More about New York Auto Transport and LI MacArthur Airport

Top 5 Secrets Most New York Auto Transport Brokers Won’t Tell You

  1. The money deposit you give to a Broker to ship your car is not a deposit; it’s the Broker’s fee. (The average amount is $100-$200 per reservation)
  2. Brokers lead you to believe they are shipping your car. They do not. (Your car is sub-contracted to an actual Car Carrier.)
  3. Brokers typically call you back with a rate increase after you have agreed upon a rate and have given a “deposit.” (The honest Car Carriers cannot ship your car for the originally quoted price.)
  4. Pick up and Delivery times are longer than need be. (Brokers do not know who the carrier is going to be, or what the carrier’s actual schedule is.)
  5. The best solution to transport your car is to deal directly with a trusted Car Carrier like Lets Rock New York Auto Transport Services.

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